Community at its core

Feeling a connection to others around us, a sense of belonging and having opportunities for social interaction at different levels, are key contributors to our health and wellbeing.

“We envisaged Preston Place would take and embed the rich cultural and social connectivity of the wider suburb of Preston within this smaller creekside community, providing a platform for inclusive, welcoming, and positive community.”

Metro VIC

Your very own private park + surrounded by over 20ha of green open space

Conceived by Akas as a place for passive and active recreation, "Backyard Park" has spaces to catch up with friends, warm up before a jog along the creek, chill out with a good book and a cuppa, or take your pooch for an early morning ‘sniff-about’. Accessible by private street only, reduced car flow and the ability to close the road for community events means a safe space for children and families to come together.

A private BBQ pavilion with vegie plots overlooking the Darebin Creek corridor

Along the ridgeline that overlooks Darebin Creek to the green fields of Olympic Park on its opposite bank, another collection of valuable community spaces have been provided for gathering, socialising and reflecting.

“The landscape of Preston Place aims to create a trans-programmed environment that allows for a multitude of activities including nature play, passive recreation, exercise, community social events, and community food growing.”

Alistair Kirkpatrick — Co-Director, AKAS

Native Landscaping

The landscaping of Preston Place is native and layered, with sprawling ground covers, brightly flowering shrubs and indigenous grass species that weave the local riparian palette of flora in and through the neighbourhood. Larger trees are incorporated into the streetscapes and central park as a canopy layer that provides shade.


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22 Wood Street, Preston VIC 3072
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22 Wood Street, Preston