Preston 3072

“Preston is a vibrant, spirited suburb just north of the city, with plenty of schools and public transport as well as a thriving community arts scene.” —

Preston’s upward trajectory

Similar to Thornbury and Northcote, it’s neighbouring suburbs to the south, Preston is experiencing growth in its population and housing prices. People are attracted to its rich melting pot of cultures, strong focus on community, abundant amenities, proximity to the city, and its relatively accessible entry price.

Preston's unique spirit has evolved as waves of immigrants from Europe, Asia and the Middle East moved in, each putting their unique cultural stamp on the suburb.

The result is a rich melting pot of flavours, characters and communities. It's a haven for families of all stages, multi-generational households, young professionals and older singles, and is a welcoming and supportive place to live.

Preston is cool yet daggy, packed yet secluded, cosmopolitan yet utilitarian, ugly but also gorgeous.

Gertrude Contemporary alongside Op shops, paint shops and picture framers. Wellness spa abutting excavation site, you’ll find the most dazzling, dizzying mix of food, retail, cultural and community services. It’s the kind of diversity, inclusiveness and unvarnished quirk so many celebrated inner-city ‘destination’ streets lost long ago to

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